Executive Chef – Bio

Jean-Pierre Challet


Chef Jean-Pierre Challet is internationally recognized for his mastery of classic French cuisine with 30 years of cooking experience. He has represented Canada as international guest chef multiple times at The James Beard House – often referred to as The Carnegie Hall of cookery. Publications including Gourmet, W, The Washington Post, a slew of Canadian papers and The Wall Street Journal describe his cuisine as “lavish”, “heavenly” and “creative”.

Born and raised in Lyon, France, Jean-Pierre Challet was dauntless about changing environments for his culinary endeavours. At age 20, he moved to Nice to attend the respected École Hôtelière and later honed his craft at Relais & Châteaux hotels around Europe. His father influenced the critical decision to immigrate to Canada, allowing the young chef to embark on his culinary career with more creative freedom. This new environment shaped Jean-Pierre Challet into a chef who is a disciple of French culinary traditions and yet confident and experienced enough to create his own technique to keep his cooking fresh, interesting and always delicious. His clever deconstruction of classic French cuisine into something lighter, cleaner and more modern has become his signature style named “Cuisine Nouveau Classique.”

Always a perpetual learner, he has earned accolades as professional sommelier, chocolatier, pastry chef, bread maker and teacher. He is also the writer of an immensely successful cookbook, “One Pot French”. Its first edition sold out and was also translated into French and German. His continuous interest and devotion to the industry makes Jean-Pierre Challet one of Canada’s most relevant and beloved chefs.